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My Wedding Makes!

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Not so long ago, I got married! It was a wonderful fun-filled Winter's day, spent with friends and family, with lots of DIY prep and crafting involved. I previously shared how I made my wedding invites on this blog, and so I thought I'd share a few other wedding makes, along with the things I bought some things from a few very talented indie brands and designers who I'd thoroughly recommend if you are planning a wedding of your own! 

As ever with a wedding from the bride's point of view, my dress was the thing that I thought about most after the venue was booked. Although I knew I didn't want a big white dress, I also struggled to decide what I really did want. It was then that my amazingly talented friend - the designer, Melanie Austin - stepped in. Not only did she make the dress to my exact specification, she also hand-embroidered the floral design based on my drawings. It was wonderfully special to have something so personal that was made by a friend, and I absolutley loved it.

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Clockwise from top - my original collage pieces, the invite design and planning out the embroidery on the dress by hand and then on the computer.

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Above - Mel making the dress in her fantastic studio - full of inspiration! Choosing the fabric, making the tulle and a close up of the embroidery.

Below - he loved it!

Photo by @sandrareddinphotography

Photo by @sandrareddinphotography

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Our rings were made by another talented maker - Roderick Vere, who had also made my engagement ring. These were simple gold bands chosen by us, and shaped to fit the style we wanted. He talked us through the process and made them especially for us.

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For the day I also made A LOT of crepe paper flowers - for my bouquet, the table decoration and a banner to decorate the cake table. I also made the cake toppers and some flags for the cup cakes. 

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It was a lot of fun DIYing so much - and I'm not going to lie - a little stressful at times! But the memories will last forever - and my bouquet is still going strong too! 

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