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(My) Wedding Invite designs!

This one’s a bit of a personal blog post as I'm sharing my own (very recently made and sent!) wedding invite designs!

My wedding is later this year and I considered not posting anything about my plans until after the day, but it's occupying a lot of my time and thoughts recently, so I thought blogging about my recent making wouldn't be complete without a mention of my wedding exploits!

As you may know, all my designs - patterns, illustrations or otherwise, tend to start with a paper cut or collage of shapes. With my invites I began by making a few paper shapes in some of the colours I wanted to work with, and I played around with them to get a sense of what might work. 

It is a Winter wedding so I knew I wanted to use certain leaf shapes, like holly, ferns and thistles in different greens, but with splashes of bright pink and red. 

Although I wanted the leafy/flower theme I also wanted there to be a celebratory feel - and I wanted to intersperse the floral shapes with vaguely wedding and celebratory shapes, like spirals, horse shoes, triangles and hearts.

I wish I could say that they were great fun to make, but it was one of the hardest projects I've ever worked on! The saying is true - you are your own worst client. It was so hard not working to someone else's brief and making all the design decisions myself, and on such an important project. In the end though, I am really happy with how they came out - and I plan to create many more designs based on this theme and method, so watch this space!

One thing I've definitely been enjoying is making crepe paper flowers, which I'll be sharing more of in the lead up to my big day. Its so much fun and is becoming something of an addiction.. I'll be sharing so many more of these in the future I am sure! Until then, better get making!