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A Mini Studio Tour

Studio photo

I've been posting a few pics of my studio space recently online and I thought I'd collect them altogether and do a (very mini!) studio tour right here on my blog. I love seeing other creative workspaces and I've never had a real 'studio' space to share before now. Although it's definitely a work in progress (waaaay too much grey and dodgy paintwork for my liking!) it's a real joy to have a real creative space of my own!

My (newly tidied) desk was made with a sheet of OSB (thats oriented strand board FYI) cut down, with the smaller part used for a shelf, and ikea legs screwed on to it. We had it in our old flat where it took up half the living/dining room - which was a bit of a luxury - but now it has it's own room, yay!

We moved into our new house, a Victorian mid-terraced, last September. As you can see from the cables on the floor, we are severely lacking in plug sockets. The grey wall and floor are also a hangover from the previous owners, and one which I plan to brighten up as soon as possible!

In the mean-time this copper mesh framework with all my collected paper pieces on it, is keeping it bright and cheerful. The wonderful thing about needing to redecorate is that at least you don't messing up the walls by hanging bits and pieces everywhere!

I got my Cactus cushion which I LOVE, from I plan to collect a lot of different shaped, colourful cushions over time, to cover the sofa bed on the other side of the room (not pictured). Also, I had to have a pink chair, obviously.

I posted this picture a while ago under the prompt 'organisation' for March Meet the Maker. It's the first time I properly sorted my washi tapes into order, and I wish I could say I've never looked back.. but the truth is it's rarely this neat and tidy! But creativity is messy, right? I love these grey industrial drawers, I salvaged them from my old work and I don't know what I'd do without them. I'd have nowhere to store any of my novelty stationary!

The room also has a fireplace, which is currently my paper flower, bottle collection area - all for future wedding prep! 

That's nearly it! - the view from the window is nothing special but the light pours through in the morning, (which my Aloe plant loves). This is where I often set up my little table to take photos in the natural light, and where I have done my recent screen printing too. It's amazing what you can achieve in a small space! Speaking of which - I've finally listed some new prints up on my Etsy shop. They're available framed or unframed, and I think they look pretty fab as a set too.

plant prints

That's it for now - until the redecorating gets underway! Then who knows what it'll look like. For now I'm just so grateful to have a dedicated space to get creative in.