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Printing mistakes (and why they're the best!)

If you've been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for the last month or so, you will have seen that I've been setting myself a new challenge recently - screen printing using my screen at home, with only paper stencils and a very basic knowledge of the process! Last month I made a 3 colour daffodil print, and this month I thought I'd try something a *little* simpler -  a two colour print with more basic shapes. 

To remind you of my set up - I have a screen and a squeegy, and a little fold up table that I use to print on. I also use a large sheet of card with pieces of foam to hold the screen away from the paper a little bit. I use paper and pieces of sticky vinyl as stencils to block out parts of the screen, as well as lots of parcel tape!

It's all quite basic, but it's a lot of fun. I got pretty messy at times! 

A few of my prints turned out pretty well, but I wrote this blog to celebrate the mistakes! You learn so much in a process like this by making mistakes, and I made a ton of them. From not lining the two colour sections up properly, to moving the screen, having too much screen print medium mixed in with the acrylic (which lead to smudging) and then not quite enough, which lead to the screen drying out! There is something quite wonderful about some of them though, and I especially like the ones that are slightly blurred or where the paint hasn't quite come through the screen enough. 

Another great thing about making so many mistakes is that you really appreciate it when one or two prints work out well!

I'll be doing some more printing in future for sure - some more screen printing and perhaps some lino printing too. I'll be sure to share the mistakes I make with that next time around.