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Tutorial: Easter Bunny Origami

Easter is only a couple of weeks away and I am definitely getting into the Springtime spirit! It is a great time of year for some crafting over the long Easter weekend, so I have created a little origami Easter Bunny tutorial for you all to have a go at while munching on your chocolate. It is super easy so should be a great craft for kids and adults alike!

You will need: 

Scissors, origami paper, or any paper cut into a square

Making the origami Bunny:

Firstly, fold your piece of paper diagonally from one corner to another, then crease and unfold. Next, fold the corners into the centre line to make a kite shape (as pictured). 

Turn your kite shape sideways as pictured and fold in the triangular flap, now on the left. Fold this piece again, back the way it was but this time  1/3 of the way in so that a little it of it stick out from the edge (this will become the bunny's tail). Next, using your scissors, cut into the pointed end of the 'kite' shape approximately 1/3 of the way across. 

Fold the paper over on itself, along the line where you have just cut, and turn so that the 'tail' is at the top. To make the ears, take one of the pieces you have cut and fold up to point at any angle. Turn the paper over and do the same on the other side, and your basic bunny shape will be revealed!

You can also push out the ear flaps slightly or fold them over again to make a lop eared bunny. The choice is yours!

These little paper bunnies are great to make as Easter table top decorations or to put in Easter cards. I have also hung some on a string for some simple 'bunny bunting' decorations and they can be decorated with faces and patterns to make them unique.

Don't forget, I'll also be adding an Origami Easter Bunny made from my own patterned origami papers to all of my Little Paper Vee shop orders from now until Easter weekend! And if you'd like to try another Easter DIY - see my blog post from last year, stamp making and printing here

Happy Springtime!