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Tutorial: Edible Origami Kusudama Flowers!

Combining my love of origami and cake, I decided to make these fun edible origami Kusudama flower vanilla cupcakes, perfect for a bank holiday weekend bake! Below is everything you need to know to make some of your own. 

You will need: 

  • Edible wafer or rice paper (I got this from a local cake shop but you can also buy online)
  • Cupcakes - I used a really simple all-in-one Mary Berry recipe
  • Butter icing 
  • Some kitchen scissors

To begin, as always with origami, you need a square piece of paper, so fold the wafer/rice paper into a square and cut off the excess with your kitchen scissors. I found the more bumpy side of the wafer paper to flake more easily, so I kept that on the inside when I folded it for a neater look.

Once you have a square - fold into a triangle with the point facing up as pictured.

Next, fold the bottom left point of the triangle to the top point as pictured above. Repeat with the right hand side so you have a square shape when flat. 

Open out the pieces you have just folded in and 'squash fold' each of them as pictured. 

Fold down the triangular pieces at the top of each of the diamond shapes you have just created so they no longer stick out.

Fold in each edge, so the excess paper is now on the inside (as pictured), and then flatten well. Bend the shape into a cone and a petal will appear!

To stick this petal together, simply use a clean paintbrush or your finger to apply a little bit of water to the two touching sides of the petal. Hold in place like this for a few seconds and it should stick together well.

Repeat this process 5 times to create the flower - make sure your cake has a little excess butter icing on the top for the petals to sink into and hold them in place.

And voila! Your beautiful floral cakes are decorated and ready for eating.

This is my first foray into edible origami but I have a lot of ideas for future projects and I can't wait to try them out. Happy baking!