Little Paper Vee
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Small Business Birthday Celebrations

This week (specifically the 14th of May) marks the 2nd business Birthday of Little Paper Vee! And the celebrations are already in full swing. 

I'm marking the occasion with some birthday treats like my homemade freakshake (above) and a new celebratory pattern designed for the occasion. I made the pattern below fairly quickly with some cut outs adjusted on Photoshop and a vibrant colour palette added. I love making patterns so it was great fun to indulge myself in a fun little project for the afternoon!

There are a few other big birthdays going on in this month for me so I'll no doubt be making a lot of birthday designs, and cakes for these events too. I even managed to find some wafter paper decoration in my local cake shop so I am already getting excited about the possibilities of origami-fied edible cakes!

I've got some awesome new projects on the go at the moment - nothing I can share yet but in the mean time check out my new business cards. Guaranteed to make you smile! (I hope!)