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Mother's Day Origami Carnations

This year, to celebrate Mother's Day and the promise of Spring, I created this image from cut paper pieces and lettering, and origami carnations (and a little bow). Just for fun really, and I do find playing with paper so much fun!

You can make origami carnations many ways (there are several tutorials online), but I chose to make them like this as I wanted to make a 2D/3D piece, and this design allowed me to create a flat back for the flowers. I also like the slightly pixelated look given by the zig zag cutting of the paper. Simple and effective and they will last much longer than the real ones! 

The sprinklings of orange and yellow you see are the cut out's from the flowers. My desk was covered in them when I'd finished so I thought I'd put them to good use!  

I'll be sending a picture of this to my Mum this Mothers Day, as it's not really transportable, but she'll be getting a real card too. I've always been a fan of writing and sending letters and cards and now I have the opportunity to send a lot of mail - to people who buy my products online. It is so much fun designing added extras to slip into their orders, and coming up with new little surprises to add to the packages.

Leading up to Valentines Day I decided to add origami hearts to all my mail, made out of my very own patterned origami papers. This was such a success and fun to do, so next up - for Easter - I will be working a surprise new origami addition to my postal orders and doing a DIY for it too - watch this space!