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It’s been a while but I’m now home and back at my desk after a whole month of travels in the gorgeous landscapes of New Zealand and the beautiful metropolis that is Hong Kong.

Taking this much time off for me as a freelancer has been hard financially but I have come back with so many memories, experiences, and a wealth of imagery and ideas that are currently whizzing around my brain. The hard thing will be to try to capture them before I forget them all! 

These beautiful Art Deco building’s are all in Napier, a town in the North Island which was devastated by an earthquake in the 1930’s and had to be re-built in they style of the time. Since then it has been preserved as a wonderful monument to that era, and a wonderful pastel paradise of building colours. 

There was so much natural beauty all around in New Zealand that it was awe inspiring. Also very hard to capture on camera. No pictures could do it all justice, but I took some anyway..

Hong Kong was a massive contrast to the landscapes of New Zealand, but so crazy and wonderful. There was so much to see and do, a few days just wasn't enough.

It’s hard to stay upbeat when you come back from such an epic adventure, but thankfully I brought back some sweet treats from Hong Kong to pep me up when I get the post holiday blues. It's worth a trip back just to get some more of these!

Now, back to reality and I'll get started on all things new for 2016!