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Tutorial: How to make origami stocking decoration!

Christmas is nearly here and it is the perfect time for relaxing, putting your feet up and enjoying a day of crafting!

No Christmas tree would be complete without a fun little decoration, and this little Christmas stocking is quick and easy to make and can also be used as pretty Christmas bunting. 

To make your own paper stocking decoration, you will need:

A piece of square paper (use origami paper or cut a piece of A4 paper to square - preferably different colours on each side)

A 12cm piece of string or thread

Double sided tape or glue

Step 1.  Start with the coloured side of your paper facing up. Fold down the top edge by roughly 1cm

Step 2. Turn the paper over and fold in half vertically, then open it up and fold each side into the middle line

Step 3. Take the bottom edge of the paper and fold it up to the top edge

Step 4. Fold this back down again to make a pleat, as shown

Step 5. Fold two bottom corners in as shown

Step 6. Fold the paper in half left to right so that the folds you have just made are on the inside. Hold the top edge and then pull the bottom part down with your other hand to reveal your stocking shape!


Step 7. To make into a hanging decoration – make a loop with your string and use double sided tape or glue to stick it to the middle section of the stocking. Glue or tape together the two sides and leave to dry if necessary.

It is now ready to hang on your tree or above your fireplace!

stocking on tree.jpg

If you’d like to make a lot of these stockings you could use them to hang on the wall or along the window as bunting. If you use a large piece of paper, you may even be able to fill it with some little treats!

Happy crafting, and Merry Christmas!

stocking finished 1.jpg