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Tutorial: DIY Hallowe'en spider web and FREE downloadable spider printable!

Halloween is one of my absolute favourite times of year and to celebrate this year, I've created a DIY spider web tutorial AND a spider printable - free to download! 

First up, a super-easy DIY web made from paper, which incorporates all of my favourite things; paper folding and paper cutting! It's made much like a fold up snowflake you might make at Christmas, but were aiming for spider-web like and spooky this time of year!

What you will need: A square piece of paper (use A4 cut to square), and a pair of scissors

Step 1.

Fold your square in half diagonally, corner to corner and crease firmly

Step 2.

Fold your (now triangle) piece of paper in half again, this time along the longest edge - corner to corner

Step 3. 

Repeat the folding once more, until you have an even smaller triangle 

Step 4.

With your smaller triangle, fold the longest flat side across to one of the shorter sides and crease (as in photos). 

Step 5.

Cut off the paper as demonstrated

Step 6.

From the FOLDED side (not the side with several paper flaps) cut several lines with a slight curve. Also, cut the very tip of the triangle off

Open out, and voila! A beautiful web. 

You can do what I've done and make a few for your walls, perfect for a bit of halloween party decoration! Looks great, and cheap too! You can also download my spiders as a CMYK printable here or an RGB screen version here.

You can print it out and use these little'uns to cut out and decorate your webs, the walls, or (if your really cruel) hide them around the house to scare your friends! (though they're more cute than scary really..)

I'll also be up to lots of other Halloween and paper-y fun, which you can keep up with over on my Instagram, with all my other paper projects and general creative mess.

Happy Halloween!