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Tutorial: How to make an Origami Lotus Flower

In celebration of the fact that I am now selling my own origami patterned papers through my Etsy shop, I have decided to create my own little origami tutorials! This first one is a beautiful but reasonably easy lotus flower origami. If you're a beginner, have no fear!

You will need: 1 sheet of paper cut to square (mine is sized 21cm x 21cm)

1. Fold your square in half along the diagonal. Crease, and then unfold. Repeat for both diagonals.

2. Fold each corner into the centre. 

3. Now fold each corner into the centre again.

4. Flip the paper over so that the folds you just made are now facing downwards. Now fold each corner into the centre again.

5. Now fold the flap up about 1/3 of the way from the top as shown. Repeat for all sides.

6. Flip the paper over, then fold each triangle flap back on itself as shown.

7. Fold the inner flaps up as shown below.

You should now have a beautiful lotus blossom flower! Here's a few more I made earlier...

I'll be making a ton of these this week, all in preparation for my big installation at the end of the month (read more about that here!) and I'll be sharing the results.

I'll also be posting more origami tutorials over the coming weeks!