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Project update 2: Kachette Installation - Collaging Large Scale

To catch up with my earlier work on the installation for Crafty Fox Market, check out my previous blog post here .

This week, as well as cutting out leaf shapes from the wallpaper strips I painted last week, I have also been adding collage elements to them and cutting into them to form slightly more 3D effects. 

It is quite an early stage which involves placing some of the elements in different ways and seeing how they fit together. Working on such a large scale has been a bit tricky at times as I am lacking in space - but also great to see the smaller elements I usually work with in a different (and much larger!) context. It has also meant a huge amount of creative mess and leftover card scraps:

I have recently been thinking that this is what the inside of my brain must look like at the moment! These scraps won't be wasted though - the pieces that are big enough will be kept for some smaller collages I plan to do further down the line and the tiny pieces will be recycled (of course). 

I have used my cardboard stencils to draw round for all of the large shapes I have used, so that I know each hanging 'strip' will be similar in shape and style. Once the placement is correct I'll be gluing them down and cutting out extra, smaller elements to add some more interest.

Next week I'll be starting to make some origami paper shapes that I hope to both hang in a display, and use on these strips as an extra 3D element. I'll also post a little origami tutorial here on my blog as well. 

In the mean-time, dont forget that you can follow my progress for the installation using the hastag: #LPVinstallation on instagram!