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Project Update 4: Kachette Installation - a view from my living room

So we're nearly there! In just over a week all the paper will be folded, and leaves will be cut in preparation for the Crafty Fox special edition market for London Design Festival! After the last few weeks of making, I am now trying to neaten up, finish and get all my bits and pieces ready to hang. Above is a picture of my living room... This week I started making some hanging decorations, and this is just the start. It'll be getting even more colourful in the week to come! 

By far the most time consuming and challenging element of the project so far has been collaging the 2.5m strips of lining paper with the shapes I have been cutting out from my coloured card. I am much more used to doing this sort of thing on a small scale and was unsure how it would translate onto large areas. Plus the fact that the room I was using only just had enough floor space! (I've been making a fair amount of 'creative mess' too..)

My main aim with these strips was to keep them fairly simple, but colourful and fun - using shapes that will be used in other areas of the display. It also wanted a bit of a 3D element, which I hope to achieve with the cut out areas and potentially some origami - although it all has to be transportable too!

I have also been making some other hanging decorations this week, and hopefully will have time to make some larger origami pieces too. The results of this will of course all be shared as soon as they are completed!

If you'd like to know more about this project or Crafty Fox Market in general, don't forget to visit their website - and while you're there, check out the awesome I am Acrylic and AndSmile Studio who will be doing workshops and a live portrait drawing at the London Design Festival event at Kachette on the 26th and 27th September as well!