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Project Update: Kachette Installation - Stencils and Paint

In case you missed the very exciting news last week, I am currently in the process of creating a very exciting installation for the upcoming Crafty Fox Market, in conjunction with London Design Festival at the end of September!

If you'd like to see my inspiration and ideas for this project, check out my Pinterest board

It has only been a couple of weeks since I got the go ahead on designing this installation and, as usual, time has been flying by! This week has been the time when I have finally recieved the orders for the materials I need, and can properly begin the making process. 

Kachette, the space I will be decorating, is a challenging space due to it's sheer size, and the time limits involved, but it is also a really interesting setting - with amazing brick arches, curved walls and dramatic lighting. My aim is to bring some vibrant colour and fun into the space, with some interesting 3D and 2D shapes, creating a flow around the building. I'll be making jungle-y themed collages and other paper pieces which will be in my usual colourful style, but just a whole lot bigger! Thankfully I have some very large scissors on hand for the task!

To maximise the amount I can do in the time, I am using coloured card and strips of wallpaper lining paper, which I am painting and using as a base to cut into and collage on top of. This will form 'banners' to hang in the arches and, as a material, has the advantage of being both cheap and strong. 

In these early stages I have mostly been making cardboard stencils to use as templates for shapes. Everything I am doing will be hand cut - so far this week the leaf-cut-count is 146 and creeping steadily upwards! 

Working on such a large scale has been challenging - I've found that I mostly have to lay things out on my floor to work out placements and see everything as a whole, which tends to mean lots of crawling around on my hands and knees! It's great when you start to see something coming together though, and as things progress it should become a lot easier. 

Further down the line, I'll also be making other origami and hanging paper pieces to add to different areas in the building, and I'll write all about that with some simple origami tutorials in the coming weeks. 

In the mean-time, if you'd like to see my progress, follow the hashtag #LPVinstallation on instagram and twitter!