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A Summer of Pattern Making

This summer I participated in the Make it in Design Summer School - a month long course of pattern making and creative briefs from the Make it in Design team. (If you haven't heard of them before - I recommend you find out more!)

Throughout the month of July, the task was to follow two creative briefs based on upcoming trends and create patterns and motifs based on these ideas. Everyone then shares their designs and ideas through social media and the Make it in Design website (where you can now see the fabulous results!) It's a great chance to get you creative juices flowing and chat to some like-minded people, as well as learning some new skills in the process! 

I also entered a competition through MIID to win tickets to PAPERFEST and ask Cath Kidston a question - which I won!

I asked Kath " What advice would you give yourself as a young creative..?"

Cath responded: “Great question”  She pondered for a few minutes, was about to speak, then paused, re-thought and answered “I’d probably say be brave and just go for it!” She then went on to say “Learn how to say no, take on projects that feel right and excite you, be confident in your products and ask for help.”

With that advice in mind I will be announcing a HUGE new and exciting project next week!! You can see her answers to other questions and more information here, and I'll be reporting back about PAPERFEST very soon..