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SIMPLE DIY! Stamp making tutorial

A little while back as a nice fun spring project, I created this DIY Stamp Making Tutorial, which was shared by the lovely folks at Bird in Borrowed Feathers Market. As it's now summer holidays, I thought I'd re-visit it. Make sure you get creative this summer, people!

This is a fairly easy tutorial, with simple tools that can be found in stationary shops, art shops and hopefully your own home - but it does involve glue and scissors, so keep an eye on the kiddies! 

Gather your materials

You will need:

A sheet or roll of brown paper (or surface you’d like to decorate)
A pair of scissors
Some strong glue (I recommend UHU or hot glue)
Acrylic paint in your choice of colour
A foam brush or roller
Some strong card or other rigid surface
A sheet of thin foam (available at most stationary or craft shops)
A pencil
Newspaper/table protector

Step 1. Trace your image onto the foam sheet

Firstly, draw out your motif in pencil. Lay it face down on the foam sheet and, using the pencil again, rub over the lines from the other side of the paper, which will transfer the image onto the foam. 

Step 2. Cut the foam shape out with your scissors and glue it onto the card

Using your UHU or strong glue, stick the foam shape onto the card, taking care not to have too much excess leaking out from underneath. Leave to dry.

Step 3. Painting and getting stamp happy!

Now for the fun part!
Once you’re sure your glue is dry, you can begin to get messy with the paint. Flatten out your brown paper (or chosen item to decorate) on a clean, dry FLAT surface. Use your brush or roller to cover the foam shape with paint, making sure it is completely covered.  (This may be a process of trial and error – too little paint and the motif wont be visible, too much and it may smudge and look messy). Next, apply it to your surface, making sure you apply pressure evenly before you pull it away. 

Using this method, repeat your motif over the surface you want to cover. Once the paint is dry it will be ready for you to use however you wish! You can change the orientation, colour or add new shapes to really mix it up and make some fascinating patterns. 

And that's it! If you enjoyed this, there are hundreds of fun stamp making projects to be found online - check out my stamp making Pinterest page here for some more!