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Tutorial: Make a Little Paper Tree!

Christmas may be a time for family, friends, present and mince pies, but it is also definitely  a time for lots and lots of crafting! If you are anything like me, you'll agree that handmade decorations are by far the best - more unique, fun and whats more - making things like hanging garlands, present toppers and table decorations can save you money as well!

This week I have decided to share my version of a tutorial for a paper tree that I first saw on Pinterest via the website Krokotak (which incidentally has some other awesome Christmas makes - check it out!). I used the traditional green for my trees, but the fab thing is that you can use any paper for this, and they could look really good in some old decorative christmas wrapping or just about anything you can lay your hands on really. 

All you need to start is a square piece of paper - any size will do, though I used 21cm squared for mine - and a pair of scissors.

Firstly fold your square piece of paper diagonally from on corner to another. Open it up and then repeat this for the opposite corner. Open up again, flip the paper over and then fold horizontally and vertically. 

Open out the paper and it should look something like this. You then need to push the two sides inward and fold the piece into a smaller square shape (as pictured). This is called an origami square base and is used as the starting point for lots of different origami.

Next, fold the right hand corner of the front flap into the centre of the square base. Open out this fold and flatten it down in on itself, score it well, and then fold it over. Repeat this action for each of the 3 remaining sides, until you have a ‘kite shape’ as shown (below).

Using some scissors - cut the bottom of the 'kite' shape, making a triangle. Then on each side, make 5 cuts a cm or so in form the edge, up the side of this triangle. Fold in each cut edge one at a time, which will create the fir tree shape. Then stand upright, unfold and behold your fantastic paper tree!

Here's one I made earlier - this time out of a huge piece of multicoloured wrapping paper. It would look great styled as a table top centre piece for the festive season, or you could make lots of little ones and string them up in a garland. I was also thinking about decorating mine with some colourful sticky stars as decoration - there's no limit to what you could do!

If you'd like to join me in a tree making workshop - I'll be doing this live surrounded by some awesome craft stalls and the Crafty Fox Market crew for the London Illustration Fair on Friday, 4th of December! To get 30% off tickets to this fantastic event , use the code 'CraftyFox'. I hope to see you there!